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Becoming a CAMS Official
Interested in Motor Sport but not wanting to get into building a car or becoming a competitor? A motor sport official is the best way of getting close to the action without being in the drivers seat. Volunteer officials are a vital part of motor sport and without them our sport could not function. Every motor sport event requires a number of officials with various skills to perform a wide range of tasks and one may be just right for you!
Training is provided through CAMS via a series of steps and you can train in an area where you have an interest or where you feel you may be of value to your club. The following is a list of some of Noosa Beach Classic Car Club CAMS Officials, if you would like to learn more approach one of us or give me a call – you can start immediately on your officials licence.
Dave Collins (Silver Steward)
Peter Rayment (Bronze Steward. Bronze Timekeeper)
Delia Rayment (Bronze Timekeeper)
Max Parnell (Club Chief –includes Steward, Clerk of Course, - Bronze Scrutineer)
Daryl Shaw (Event Administration)
Neil Cope (Bronze Scrutineer)
Wally Conway (Bronze scrutineer)
Steve Victor-Hogg (Bronze scrutineer)
Keith Rolton (General licence)
Michelle Mugliett (General licence)
There are quite a few new members who have recently gained their General licence where they can work under the direction of another official in areas such as timekeeping, scrutineering, administration etc
With the Winter Challenge Noosa Hill climb coming up very soon there is an opportunity for you to be involved as a volunteer official, simply give me a call on 0422226911 (phone often OFF during work hours) or send me a text message.
Max Parnell
CAMS Representative NBCCC.